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We are experts at installing, maintaining and repairing Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps Systems. Travelling the greater WAIKATO area, we pride ourselves on top-quality customer service for all our clients’ heat pumps, air conditioning needs.

Air conditioning in residential applications plays a fundamental role for you and your family’s well-being. The choice of the most suitable system is one of the keys for obtaining maximised performance and optimised comfort. Air treatment, quietness and ease-of-installation makes the range at MFR Refrigeration Services the ultimate you can desire for your own house, with guaranteed maximum energy savings.

Energy Efficiency

MFR Refrigeration Services Ltd

At MFR Refrigeration Services Ltd, we take Energy efficiency seriously. The Heat Pumps /Air Conditioning systems we offer are only the best and combine high energy efficiency with unique energy saving features. That is why at MFR Refrigeration services we will advise Heat Pumps that have been awarded with the ENERGY STAR™ mark.

Inverter Technology for even more Savings

Savings in energy, Savings in money, Inverter technology matches compressor speed to your indoor heating or cooling conditions. You’ll gain energy savings of up to 30%. Compared to fixed speed systems. Another advantage Inverter models can also run above their rated capacity. So you achieve the indoor environment you want as fast as possible, even under adverse outdoor conditions, right down to even minus 15 deg C.

The Importance of Quiet

Quiet matters, that’s why at MFR Refrigeration Services we pay so much attention to sound and why it’s worth explaining too. Sound is measured in decibels or dB (A). Human hearing begins at around 0 dB (A). But sounds usually need to reach 10-15 dB (A), the level of someone breathing normally, before you hear it. Now here is the tricky bit - Loudness increases by 52% for every extra 6dB (A). It doubles for every extra 10dB (A). It’s called logarithmic progression. It means a heat pump at 29 dB (A) is twice as loud as one at 19 dB (A). That is why we aim low, very low, at just 19 dB (A). At MFR Refrigeration Services we can offer you the quietest Heat Pumps On the market, with Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba Heat Pumps.

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Ventilation is important to maintain the air quality and to control moisture levels in a property.

MFR Refrigeration Services Ltd
MFR Refrigeration Services Ltd
MFR Refrigeration Services Ltd

High levels of moisture not only cause damage to the fabric of a building but also are the breeding ground for mould, mildew and dust mites. These organisms thrive in cold damp houses and are the reason we have one of the highest rates of Asthma (and other respiratory illnesses) in the world.

In addition, health can be affected by poor indoor air quality due to all the chemicals we add when using every day household products such as cleaning, disinfecting, and cosmetic supplies.

A ventilation system will:
  • Reduce condensation and weeping windows
  • Reduce mildew and mould spores
  • Provide a dry home which requires much less energy to heat
  • Reduce security risks associated with open windows and doors
  • Remove dust, pollens and other allergens from the air
  • Deliver fresher, drier, healthier air into your home
  • Expel airborne pollutants
There are 2 main types of ventilation systems
  • Positive pressure ventilation system
  • Energy recovery ventilation system
Positive pressure ventilation systems
MFR Refrigeration Services Ltd

The positive pressure system blows drier air from the roof cavity through single or multiple ceiling vents. This pushes the stale damp air outside through gaps at windows or doors.
Examples of this type of system would be Envirovent, Drivaire, HRV and DVS
Energy recovery ventilation systems (ERV)

  • Design, build and install Air Conditioning systems
  • Domestic Air Conditioning systems
  • High Wall Split Systems (Floor Mount Split Systems Ventilation Systems)
  • Commercial Air Conditioning Systems, Large High Wall Split Systems, Under ceiling Split Systems, Cassette type Split Systems, Ducted systems Home or Office
  • Industrial Air Conditioning Systems, VRF Systems Toshiba and Mitsubishi Packaged Air Handlers
  • Warranty Support for most main brands including:
  • Mitsubishi Electric Authorised Installers and Warranty Support
  • Toshiba Heat Pumps Authorised Installers and Warranty Support
  • Temper zone Authorised installers and Warranty Support
  • Fujitsu Warranty Support

Brands for Sales and Service,

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MFR Refrigeration Services Ltd
MFR Refrigeration Services Ltd
MFR Refrigeration Services Ltd